Going Green

Mindful of the Environment

The creation of sustainable buildings is fast becoming¬† an integral part of every developer’s remit. Similarly, Temples is committed to delivering an estate management strategy designed to actively reduce the environmental impact of the developments that we manage. Here are just a few examples of projects we’ve completed.

  • Movement sensors and/or timers on communal landings to reduce the time lights are on, curbing energy usage and saving electricity. Decreased expenditure on energy bills enables these schemes to quickly pay for themselves.
  • Additional on-site recycling centres to decrease unnecessary landfill waste.
  • Tree planting and rain water collection across numerous sites.
  • Recycled tree cuttings used as mulch help beds and borders to retain water and stay tidy.
  • Low emission ground maintenance equipment and company vehicles
  • Creation of cycle storage units to reduce the numbers of cars for town centre properties.