Don’t go around the houses.


Temples Leasehold Property Specialists

You need to be confident that the agent you choose is going to give you 100%.

At Temples, we have crafted our service to meet the needs of flat and apartment owners. There is nothing we do not know about the flat and apartment market.We believe in providing honest and realistic advice that is specific to you. Utilising a multitude of online, social, and print advertising media, we get flats and apartments sold and, what’s more, at the very best asking price. So, leasehold property for sale has never been a service for us, its our pride and we do it the best in the area.

Don’t go around the houses, call the flat and apartment specialist.

We have designed our service to be centred on maximising your investment. Ensuring attention to detail at every stage of the process, we carefully manage your property sale to achieve a successful transaction. Hence, we are the prime pick when someone looks for leasehold property in the area. All kinds of flats and apartments for sale in the area are available with us. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations; we draw on our experience, industry knowledge and marketing influences to provide you with truthful and timely advice that will best service your property.